About Me

Graphical Summary of My **Skills** and **Activities**
Graphical Summary of My Skills and Activities

From learning painting, designing animations, and making independent video games… From my first public game server with 344,941 users in 2015 to self-studying Deep Learning on Udacity nano-degree, my exploration in many fields of science led me to explore the applications of Artificial Intelligence in different areas as well. Through learning AI, I earned the opportunity to compete on Kaggle and discuss tricks with many data scientists and PhDs. From Playground to Research competitions, I have to read many of the latest publications and have also sometimes implemented recently published papers into my algorithms to improve my models. Like so, new challenges begin as I wake up every morning.

Three Important Stages in Ten Years

Kaggle Student Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer

Business Founder & Owner of KokiCraft online game server

Founder, Captain of SSFS Robotics Club